Press Kit

Dear journalists,
Here you find all important information for the press.
Questions may be addressed to Peter Loebel: or +49 (0)15 77 51 63 84 7.


Sample Magazine

Sample Flyer

All Photos
can be downloaded in best resolution from the viewer with a right mouse-click.


Extending the layout

Cost-saving tips for Editorial Designers

Liquid und alteranives Layout mit in InDesign.
Made available by video2brain.

Mobile reading

From the print Magazine to the Smartphone

Three examples. Magazines on the phone.
And how good advertising can be integrated. HD)

ideally are integrated and not downloaded.

Past Developments

Mobile Apps Windows 8

New Delhi

BKK Customer Dialog System and New York

20 years ago in the German press

Experiences culminating in development
ofFlexible Editorial Designs.